Your Protection Is Our Priority

Your Protection Is Our Priority

Please browse thru Safetylab's catalogue and discover why thousands insist on our products.

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Body Guard

Our Body Guard products can be categorized into Cotton Safety Workwear, Flame Guard Retardant Safety Workwear, etc...

Breath Guard

We offer many types which includes Full Face Respirator, Half Face Respirator, Disposable Mask and etc.


Our E.R.Guard can be categorized into Single Gas Detector, MultiGas Gas Detector, Emergency Shower & Eyewash & others.

Ear Guard

The new left/right ear muffs are different from all existing hearing protectors. Individual muffs for the left and right ear compensate the asymmetric position of the ears on the head.

Eye Guard

Our Titmus Non-conductive was designed with no metal parts, the new SW06 is intended for use in situations of high impact potential or when there is possibility of electrical contact.

Fire Safety

Our Fire Safety & Environmental Control Equipments includes Home Protector Kits, Fire Extinguisher, Absorbent Transporter, Absorbent Vehicle & etc.

First Aid Rescue

Our First Aid Rescue includes AED HeartStart FRx Defibrilator, Double Fold 1st Aid Stretcher, Life Support Manikins & Approved 1st Aid Kits.

Foot Guard

Nylon puller for easy to wear. Soft and easy to bend collar with reflector...

Hand Guard

Abrasion resistance, Durability, Flexibility and Comfort all at an economical price.

Hat Guard

Our Hat Guard can be categorized into ProHat, ProCap, Cot Guard and many other types.

Height & Fall Protection

Features & Benefits included Guardrails, toeboard and netting in one product, Hard-mesh coverage with impact-absorbing capacity...

Lockout Tagout

Thousands of workers are injured annually, and hundreds lose their lives due to failure to control sources of hazardous energy.

Safe Guard

Its built-in, long lasting reliability and are specially designed to withstand temperatures up to 900 c for one hour.

Traffic Safety

We offer many types of Traffic Safety Products which includes Car Clamp Boy, Speed Control Rubberhumps, Traffic Solar Flash Arrow, Car Guard, Car Stopper, Traffic Cone & etc...

Training Programme & Materials

Our Training Programme & Materials includes Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills, Skills and Drills DVD Series, First Aid, CPR & AED, Professional Rescuer CPR and etc.

Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout

Our Circuit Breaker Lockout can be categorized into Gas Cylinder Lockout, Lockout Padlocks, Adjustable GV & many others.


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